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Last Updated On :: 06-03-2005  

We manufacture of full range of Bag Filters custom made for the Reverse Air, Shaking type, Pulse - jet filters & Liquid Filter Bags commonly used. Itís honor for us to introduce Anti-Static Needle felt and Woven Cotton Bag Filters for Coal Mills 1st time in Pakistan. Our quality and service is first class and we pride ourselves on our technical support.We are renowned for our quality products and technical superiority in all industries. Our main customers are the Cement Factories of Pakistan. » »


Approximately 500 unique customers visits our site within a week and finds whats they need. Our Products are deals with quality what the customer wants from us. Lets! you find your needy products and contact us. we will response you as soon as possible.


Oven & Synthetic Cloths, Blankets, Belts for all pressure and gravity applications Centrifuges Woven and Felt liners, bags, centrifugal screens and mesh sleeves. Pre-punched Cotton, Felt and woven synthetic Press Cloths


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